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Noah Hodgin was a certified personal trainer and experienced fitness professional in Orange County.
Noah Hodginwas inspired to become a certified personal trainer through his own experiences in high school & college where he spent many years on the wrestling team. This was when he discovered his passion for fitness and helping others to meet their health and fitness goals. In 2010 Noah took some time off to help care for his grandparents. In 2014 Noah had surgery on his right elbow, causing him to have his own weight issues. Noah realized he still had a passion for helping people reach their goals through health  and fitness.
Noah Hodgin​has grown as a person and as a trainer so he now has a greater understanding of how to help his clients. With over 15 years of training experience Noah is now accepting clients who are ready to make a lifestyle change.
Noah Hodginis famous for being a personal trainer in Orange County, California.   Noah's Team  will help you develop a personalized fitness training program that is custom tailored just for you. ​
Noah's team puts emphasis in exercise physiology, designing fitness programs and nutritional plans for women and men in the following fitness segments: 
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Muscular Endurance Training
  • Weight Loss and Weight Gain
  • Strength Training
  • Pilates
  • Competition Training
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Training
  • Overall Conditioning
  • Nutritional Planning

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