Noah Hodgin Wellness Clients have to say: didn't believe that personal training would make a difference in my physique. Noah's Team sure did.They really looked at me, my strengths, weaknesses and customizes a training for me every time.Noah always come up with new things so I don't get bored.He  makes sure to work me hard and Pushes my limits. I used to not be able to do 1 push up.. now I can do 20!     My dress size dropped and I just feel great overall!  -Jennifer Smith


Training with Noah's Team of Professionals has been an eye opening experience. Before I began to train with him I was performing my workouts incorrectly. They taught me proper technique and placed me on a workout schedule. They  has also taught me proper nutrition. I can honestly say that after training with Noah's Team my fitness has greatly improved. I believe that everyone who is even thinking about becoming more physically fit needs to keep in mind that fitness is a lifestyle. I highly recommend Noah's personal training. Jenny Acosta 

 "I love the way Noah works more than one muscle at a time. He makes me do bicep curls while trying to balance  on top of a bosu ball. I do lunges with one feet on the ball. It's awesome how he mixes things up so that my full hour of weight training is really well-rounded. After the workout, I can really see and feel the difference!" - Charlene Iniguez,

Noah's Team  is a very knowledgeable and commited trainers. The best part for me is that he keeps me on track. I get bored easily and he is always willing to change up my workout and come up with new and challenging exercises. We do a bit of everything from circuit training to pilates to spinning to bosu to strength training. I have lost 20 lbs. and increased my strength,balance and flexibility. Noahs team is also committed to ongoing education and is always looking for the latest,best information which he brings to our workouts. He does not just believe in excercise, but in healthy lifestyle and can help with diet, supplemetation, and lifestyle changes as well as give a great workout.- Gina Cowley Orange 

 I have been working with Noah now for about 3 months. I have seen dramatic improvements in strength and overall body shape and size. Noah's Team helped push me to the next level and focuses on my goals. Noah also assists in proper nutritional planning and recommendation of supplements if needed. I highly recommend Noah for your personal trainer. - Randy Young Huntington Beach 

I have trained with Noah's Team for over a year. and I find that Noah truly goes above and beyond in order to reach my goals. His workouts are dynamic & he is very flexible & helpful in tailoring workouts to my needs. I would definitely recommend Noah's Team to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals. Thanks! - Laura Hand Long Beach 

What impressed me the most is Noah's Training positive attitude and well planned workouts.Noah started me out slow to build stamina and muscle through a circuit training workout. Once I had gained enough strength, we moved into a more rigorous and targeted workout. He also coached  me on a proper diet and Supplementation which was Instrumental in gaining weight and strength.Unfortunately, Noah left the Seattle area for southern California, but his teachings and positive attitude have remained with me. - Chris Seattle 

Noah is a personal trainer in the truest sense. I found him very committed and focused on his approach. He took tremendous care and diligence in chalking out a customized plan to meet my requirements. He was firm yet patient during the hour long workout sessions,and he educated me on the finer points of exercise and nutrition. Though my stint with Noah in Seattle was brief, he has set a formidable standard for my expectations and I will have a tough time finding his replacement. - Jayant  Seattle 


He focuses on exercises that benefit every part of the body, plus his enthusiasm for physical fitness he encouraged me in my training program. I have worked with other personal trainers and they all had good points to their fitness programs, but I always received the best over-all workout with Noah.                - Cheryl Zeigler Long Beach

I trained with Noah for almost 1 year. I was very happy with my progress, as  Noah tailored a program that meat my needs and goals. Noah not only showed me which exercise to do but how to do them correctly in order to obtain the fullest potential. I have received  quite a few complements from family and friends on how I look and for that I have Noah to thank for - Sam Gusto Long beach