Costa Mesa Personal Trainer

About Noah

Noah Hodgin is a certified fitness professional and experienced personal trainer in Orange County. Noah was inspired to become a personal trainer through his own experiences with fitness training as a teenager, when he discovered his passion for fitness and helping others to meet their health and fitness goals. He coaches and trains his clients in a full-service workout facility featuring a comfortable upscale atmosphere located in Costa Mesa, California. 

Personalized Service

Noah's personalized service includes working with each of his clients to develop a customized training program. In addition,he shares his years of experience as a Costa Mesa personal trainer by providing workout and fitness tips, healthy recipes and nutritional information, and other fitness resources to all of his clients. 

Introductory Training Session

 we offer two intro sessions for $99.00 The first session will be a full consultation and we'll discuss your health, goals, injuries, etc., and we'll also conduct several movement tests to help determine any muscle imbalances. From there we'll schedule a second session, which will be a real workout,