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I believe diets are a thing of the past it is terrible for long-term health. But I also believe your nutrition Needs to be a major priority if you want to live an epic life. So…how do you find the balance to live with abundant energy, fit into your skinny jeans AND still enjoy the foods you love? You need a simple plan to create lasting habits and learn the art of moderation.

That’s where I come in. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach for over a decade, I have locked arms with people all over the nation to reach tremendous heights with their fitness and fat loss goals. Together, we match all the pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle to get you sustainable results.


I teach you how to pair the right (proteins – fats – carbohydrates) together and how to eat the right foods, at the right times, and the right amounts in order to optimize your nutrition for energy and fat loss. We don’t dwell on calories or extreme restrictions; we focus on adding the right nutrients to achieve your goals.


You need high quality supplements to maximize you nutrient absorption and in turn, boost your metabolism, appetite control, and ability to hold onto hard-earned muscle. I have put my trust in Modere products over the years I have worked with many different health and company’s but after extensive research I found that modere's product are the only products I would recommend. You’re in for a real treat!!


Moving your body in any way is a good thing! However, there are certainly workouts that are more effective for fat loss than others.

Sharing your goals allows me to make appropriate recommendations to best serve you!!


If you are ready to get rocking on your transformation and would like to bypass the consultation, here are the four programs you can choose from to work with me:​

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