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Health Coach

A health and wellness coach is designed specifically as helping clients through behavioral change:
What is Health Coaching?
Health itself is a choice; a decision your client makes to move toward optimal health. In this way it becomes a way of life. It is a lifestyle you design with your client, to allow them to achieve their highest potential for well-being. Wellness is also a process, including a call to action in developing awareness where there is no end point or termination, but that health and happiness are possible in each moment, here and now. Included in the list of topics are the integration of the body, mind and spirit and an appreciation that everything your client does, thinks, feels and believes has an impact on their state of health.
Wellness is your clients’ loving acceptance of themselves. This is important because wellness is a state of being, and it is also very different for each individual. Health is achieved as each person reaches a healthy balance in a combination of areas; one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, social and environmental health are all possible opportunities
How to see Health and Wellness as a choice:
  • A way of life
  • A Choice
  • The process
  • The loving acceptance of themselves
What a wellness coach does:
People go to wellness coaches because they are struggling with an issue such as stress weightloss fitness life balance,or energy levels
  • Health Coaches rely on holistic methods through holism mind,body and spirt
  • Health Coaches collaborate with medical professions through increased interest in alternative medicine
  • We can define wellness in holistic integration in principle as mind, body and spirit Optimal or peak wellness allows clients to reach their goals and meaning and purpose in their hectic lifestyle
  • Health Coaches help clients on an individual level. achieving the highest level of wellness
  • Health Coaches can be limited clients true desire to change
The diffent environments wellness coaches work in are corporate environments,gym,seminars and senior facilities. Build health skills in:
  • Motivation
  • Self awareness
  • Confidence
  • Sustainable changes
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certified health coach

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certified health coach

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