Welcome to Noah Hodgin Wellness Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa CA

About Noah

Noah's personalized service includes working with each of his clients to develop a customized training program. In addition, he shares his years of experience as a Costa Mesa personal trainerby providing workout and fitness tips, healthy recipes and nutritional information, and other fitness resources to all of his clients.​

My Mission as a Certified Personal Trainer​ My goal is to help my clients extend thequality of their lives through health fitness, attitude and vitality by providing them withthe very best choices for achieving a permanent lifestyle change, along with theknowledge and skills needed to meet their goals. I work to inspire my clients to live each day as a rewarding and exciting experience, and I strive to give them the very best service possible. Above all else, I value my clients and respect their wishes at all times. 


ISSA CFT 08/2017

ISSA CFT 02/2001-02/2012 

24 Hr Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
Bally's Total Fitness Certified Personal Trainer Progressive Fitness Training Program
American Heart Association CPR Certified
IDEA Health & Fitness Member​I believe in continuous improvement and in harnessing my current abilities to improve my craft. As such, I make it a point to be a part of different training and education sessions that will help me be a better Personal Trainer

Ace Practical Training Workshop
Ace Certification Review Course
Analyzing Popular Diets
Angles, Positions, Variations, of Upper Body
Angles, Positions, Variations, of Lower Body
Bosu Strength and Athletic Conditioning for Personal Trainers
Bosu Sports Performance
Stand Right for Your Posture Type
Post rehab athletes competitive: knee injury
Gait mechanics and the lower kinetic chain
Core strength Back Health: A new look
Base Training
Advanced Biomechanics